Saturday, January 31, 2009

What I've learned so far...

Well, I've discovered that I really do enjoy this library tech stuff. Good thing *g*.

Acquistions is fascinating - lots of little details to keep in my head. At least my background in a buying office and doing orders for our own company helps a lot when it comes to the mechanics of ordering books, keeping a database of vendors, shipping etc.

Records management is fun - the instructor has a great sense of humour. Now this self-confessed "chaos junkie" just has to put it into practise into her own office!

I really want to apply what I've learned at work and hope that in time I'll get a chance to do just that. As it is, I've been given extra duties off the circ desk, which is really cool.

Hard to believe I'm already at week 5. Back soon with further updates...


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